TWR name revived for new performance car marque

Tom Walkinshaw Racing was a British motorsport and engineering company with successes in Formula 1 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Often referred to as TWR, the company, which was also involved in the development of a number of road cars, went under in 2002 due to mounting debts linked with its takeover of the Arrows F1 team six years prior.

Fast forward to today and Fergus Walkinshaw, the son of Tom Walkinshaw Racing founder Tom Walkinshaw, is working on a new performance car marque operating as TWR. A teaser shot of its first project has been released and more details are to follow shortly, the company announced this week.

The company is based in Newbury, U.K., and already has a sizable team of engineers. Their goal will be to deliver bespoke vehicles that “push the envelope of performance engineering,” the company said. The focus will be on combining modern materials with an analog driving experience, possibly hinting that some models may still offer a manual transmission.

Like the original Tom Walkinshaw Racing, TWR will also work with established car companies on performance-related projects. Some of the predecessor company’s projects included the early line of HSV-tuned Holden Commodores, the Aston Martin DB7, and Jaguar’s XJS, XJR-15, and XJ220.

“We have scoured the performance and motorsport engineering worlds to assemble an incredibly talented technical team, including some members who were part of the original TWR,” Walkinshaw said in a statement. “This new generation of TWR is first and foremost an engineering company that will make cars, rather than a carmaker doing engineering.”

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