New 296 Challenge to enter Ferrari’s one-make race series

The Ferrari 296 Challenge was revealed on Thursday as the latest entry for the Ferrari Challenge one-make race series.

It will be ready to compete starting with the 2024 seasons of the respective European and North American series, and replaces the 488 Challenge which has competed in the series since 2017.

The 296 Challenge is closely related to the road-going 296 GTB and has benefited from lessons learned developing the 296 GT3 race car that was launched for the 2023 motorsport season.

Like the 296 GT3, the 296 Challenge skips the road car’s plug-in hybrid system, relying purely on the twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6. The engine has been tuned to deliver 690 hp, compared to the 654 hp in the road car, and according to Ferrari this is the highest horsepower per liter of displacement of any race car previously entered in the Ferrari Challenge.

2024 Ferrari 296 Challenge race car

The levels of downforce are also unprecedented in Ferrari Challenge history, according to the automaker. With the rear spoiler at the maximum angle of attack, the 296 Challenge will generate more than 1,900 pounds of downforce at 155 mph.

Improvements to the handling compared to the 488 Challenge and updated 488 Challenge Evo have been made thanks to a new ABS system specifically tuned for the car, as well as the addition of Brembo’s latest CCM-R carbon-ceramic brake rotors and specially developed Pirelli tires.

The 296 Challenge will make its formal debut during Ferrari’s Finali Mondiali end of year motorsport celebration which runs Oct. 24-30 at the Mugello Circuit in Italy.

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